Meet Nicole Bom

Nicole Bom smiling in front of white gate

Before the pandemic, a lot of us were go, go, go. Despite its challenges and devastations, for many people it gave an unprecedented chance to “reset.” Now that life is seemingly getting back to normal, we’re trying to navigate what normal is. Living in the moment, taking chances and embracing change are all “normal” things,…

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Meet Laura Griffiths

Laura Griffiths

Our Front Desk staff is knowledgeable, yes. More importantly, they’re personable and this is what keeps people coming back. Laura Griffiths, who has been working at our Front Desk for a little over 6 months, is the perfect representation of this. “If there’s one thing I’m thankful the universe gave me, it’s the ‘gift of the gab,’” laughs Laura.

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Meet Bradley Macklam

Marketing Coordinator Bradley Macklam

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this statement couldn’t be truer here at Langdon Hall. Each corner of our property tells a story, and it’s up to our Marketing Coordinator, Bradley Macklam to capture it all. Many of the images you see on our website and social pages are taken by Bradley, who…

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Meet Sommelier Emily Kirsch

Sommelier Emily Kirsch

Langdon Hall is unique, especially when it comes to wine. Not many places can say they have 1,400 wines from around the world, nor can they say they have a dedicated team of Sommeliers – including Emily Kirsch. “Most places if you’re a sommelier, you also serve or manage,” explains Emily. “At Langdon, we have…

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Meet Bryanne Buckmuller

Bryanne Buckmuller seated by main fireplace

A bright spot in all of this has been some of the amazing people we’ve met along the way. We have been fortunate enough to add many new faces to our team since coming out of the last Ontario shut down in June 2021 – one of those smiling face being Bryanne Buckmuller, who oversees our Social & Corporate Sales.

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Meet Maria Hernandez

Maria Hernandez

Do you believe in fate? Maria Hernandez, part of our Housekeeping team, certainly does, and she credits fate for leading her to Langdon Hall 9 years ago. Maria is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico and it was in her hometown she met her husband, David. “He moved to my hometown from Canada and was an English…

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