Meet Oukham Vilaysaeng

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Being a hotel, spa and restaurant means we have a lot of different departments. Food & Beverage, Kitchen, Housekeeping, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Financing – the list goes on. While we all work together in some capacity, there are very few people who can say they work closely with each department. Oukham is one of those people.

As Langdon Hall’s Purchaser, Oukham is responsible for taking care of some inventory ordering, shipping and deliveries to and from the property. Whether it’s an LBCO order, food, paper for our menus or simply a new computer mouse, Oukham takes care of it all – big and small. Every single person who works at this property relies on what Oukham does to get their job done successfully and it’s no small feat.

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You can usually hear Oukham’s laugh bouncing against the halls before you actually see him. His sunny disposition, energy and excitement are infectious. Constantly running around, Oukham will always stop to chat with people and help them out where needed. No matter what he has going on, he will drop everything to help one of his team members.

“I started out at Langdon in the Front of House, as a Door Porter,” says Oukham. “When the opportunity to pursue the Purchaser role came up, I saw an opportunity to play a more fundamental role in the hospitality we offer. It’s been a challenging but rewarding experience that I will always cherish.”

As a Door Porter, Oukham learned how much really goes into providing an unparalleled experience for guests. “Shout out to an old friend and colleague who told me about that first position,” laughs Oukham. “My years as a Door Porter were so rewarding. There was a lot of pride that came with accomplishing tasks for our guests and my team members.” Oukham continues to carry that mentality into his career every day.

While Cambridge has been home for Oukham for many years now, it wasn’t always. Oukham was born in Nakhom Phamom, also known as Napho, Thailand. Born in a refugee camp, Oukham landed in Canada at 8 years old.

“My parents initially fled across the Mekong River to a refugee camp in Laos before we ended up in Canada,” explains Oukham. “My mother wanted to join her sister, who was residing in Seattle, Washington but that was denied. We were lucky enough to be sponsored by a Christian church in Cambridge, and the rest is history.”

Attending Mohawk College for Business Marketing, Oukham started at Langdon Hall in 2008. While he had worked other jobs prior, Langdon Hall was his first full-time job after college. After 15 years, he’s still enjoying it just as much now as he did back then. “My favourite thing about Langdon Hall and my favourite thing about my job are the same,” says Oukham. “The people I work with,” he pauses “and the food,” he laughs.

Even with a staff of 300 people, there likely isn’t a person on property who doesn’t know who Oukham is, and there certainly isn’t a person who doesn’t have glowing things to say about him. Oukham embodies what Langdon Hall is all about – delivering exceptional service. We are incredibly lucky to have people like Oukham who keep the engine running, no matter what obstacles arise.

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So, what’s next for Oukham? “Who knows where the wind blows,” says Oukham. “I have plans and goals I want to achieve, but I try not to put too much pressure on myself. Instead, I stay present and smell the roses, as they say.”

Thank you for everything you do Oukham – it doesn’t go unnoticed. Here’s to 15 more.


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