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Meet Shoushig Segian

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Meet Esther Dawson

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Meet Nicole Bom

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Meet Laura Griffiths

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Meet Sommelier Emily Kirsch

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Maria Hernandez in the Garden

Meet Maria Hernandez

Do you believe in fate? Maria Hernandez, part of our Housekeeping team, certainly does, and she credits fate for leading her to Langdon Hall 9 years ago. Maria is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico and it was in her hometown she met her husband, David. “He moved to my hometown from Canada and was an English…

Portrait of David Couse outside

Meet Sous Chef, David Couse

When you think of Langdon Hall, one of the first things that may come to mind is the food. The way the dishes look, and more importantly how they taste, is an experience all in its own. The food at Langdon Hall is meant to tell a story, with pieces of the property encompassed both…

Jeremy Gehl in the garden

Meet our Head Gardener: Jeremy Gehl

If you’ve been to Langdon Hall, you’ve had the pleasure of walking the property or touring the gardens. Even if you’ve never set foot here, you’ve probably heard of the gardens and the magic they bring. The gardens play a special role in every aspect of Langdon Hall. They’re part of the food you eat, the drinks you enjoy and the displays you marvel at throughout the grounds or at an event.