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We Welcome Your Pet At Langdon Hall

Pet Rules

It would be our pleasure to welcome you and your beloved, well behaved pet to Langdon Hall.

Arrangements to bring your pet must be made in advance. A limited number of dog designated rooms are available. They are the rooms on the terrace level of the Cloister building. We reserve the right to limit the total number of dogs on the property at any one time. A $30.00 fee per visit will be applicable.

Please keep in mind that not everyone likes pets. While visiting us with your pet we trust that you will maintain control of your pet’s actions and noise so that it doesn’t disturb or offend another guest.

To ensure a comfortable stay for yourself and your fellow guests please read and observe the following guidelines:

Please Note the Following:

  • You must have advanced approval to bring a pet to Langdon Hall so that we may monitor the number of pets staying at any one time.
  • A maximum of one pet per room will be permitted.
  • Your pet must be on a leash or in a kennel or carrying crate at all times when not in your personal guest room.
  • Your pet is not permitted in any indoor dining areas, in the pool or pool enclosure, at the spa, in the vegetable garden or green houses, or in any meeting or event spaces. This is not applicable to guide dogs.
  • When dining on our outdoor terrace (weather-permitting), you may bring your pet. We kindly ask you give our team notice if you will be doing so.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet.
  • Barking, whimpering or any other noise that is potentially disturbing to other guests is not allowed. If your pet is causing a disturbance Langdon Hall staff will locate you to control the noise even if it means interrupting you during a meal.
  • You are not permitted to leave a pet unattended in your room if you plan to leave the property. A pet-sitter can be arranged in advance for a nominal fee.
  • Please do not allow your pets on to any furniture or beds. If your pet is used to this creature comfort you must protect the fabrics by covering them with old towels, sheets or blankets.
  • As the registered guest you are financially responsible for any damages caused by your pet. This includes excessive cleaning charges that may be required.
  • It will be necessary to arrange a suitable time for housekeeping to clean your room. The housekeeping staff will not clean your room unless you are there with your pet or the pet is out of the room.
  • We suggest that you bring your own pet bedding, clean up towels, food and water bowls and pick up bags.
  • All pets visiting Langdon Hall should be up to date on their shots and be free of fleas and ticks.

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