Langdon Hall is one of the finest Country House Hotels in North America and we owe that to our staff.  We are proud that our team embodies the highest standards of integrity, quality and positivity, while providing empowered and thoughtful service to our guests.  Every member of our staff helps bring to life our philosophy of each guest experiencing warm, personal service and the finest quality food, accommodation, and spa experience.  Every role on our property plays a part in the experience we provide, and the memories we help to make.


We happily accept applications year round. Currently hiring talented individuals to join our kitchen and restaurant teams. 

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Staff Features

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“I treat every phone call as if it is one of my family members on the other line!”

Compassionate, heartfelt, and thoughtful are the endearing qualities behind the voice of Langdon Hall. Whether you are calling to book a reservation, inquire about a service, or simply need directions, Marianne Juranovic is the helpful voice behind the phone. Her warm and caring smile might not be seen, but it is definitely heard.

Marianne began her career in the travel and tourism industry but wanted to branch out into hospitality. Beginning with a wholesale company in Toronto, Marianne moved to Kitchener after she married the love of her life, and is where they now raise their four-year-old daughter.

“My family has always been my number one priority and I can’t express the joy it brings me as I watch my daughter grow,” explains Marianne. “So it was somewhat difficult to move away from the Toronto area and my immediate family. I am thankful to just be an hour’s drive away rather than being a plane ride away from my mom, dad, and my sister and her family, so there’s a silver lining!”

However, it wasn’t long after moving to Kitchener that Marianne saw a job ad for Langdon Hall in the newspaper and applied for a position in Reservations. Her welcoming and joyful disposition made her a wonderful addition to the team, but it was her initiative to continuously improve the guest experience that led to her next role.

“While part of my daily tasks was to assist guests at the front desk, I found it disruptive whenever the phone would ring,” explains Marianne. “So I helped initiate a new position similar to a switchboard operator, which soon led me to becoming the first Guest Services representative.” In addition to this, Marianne helped create and develop the Guest Notes Report, which assists all departments with preparing for group and leisure guests well in advance of their arrival.


Four years later, Marianne has truly become the voice of Langdon Hall. She is the first point of contact when guests call for the hotel, restaurant or spa, and is that friendly “hello, how may I help you,” when guests call from their guest room.

“I treat every phone call as if it is one of my family members on the other line,” says Marianne. “Once I had a guest call in a panic because she had taken a wrong turn and was going to be late for an event here at Langdon. I stayed on the phone with her for over 15 minutes to ensure she had found her way. She then asked to see me after her event and thanked me with a huge hug!”

Even with all the fond memories of guests showing appreciation, Marianne is most grateful for how Langdon Hall helped her get over her fear of dogs. Marianne had never recovered from a childhood fear of dogs and on her first day of work she encountered one of the hotel’s large Bernese Mountain dogs…the terror had set in!

“I didn’t think I would be able to continue to work knowing the hotel’s dogs roamed the property, but Ms. Wilks changed everything with her naturally gentle soul,” explains Marianne. “When I became pregnant with my daughter, Ms. Wilks rubbed her snout against my tummy and every day after that she would lay beside me during the day. She was my protector.”

The hotel is very dog friendly and over the years Marianne has become friends not only with the gentle Bernese Mountain dogs, but also the pets of guests and staff alike.

Marianne, who has also been called the “flower police”, has now worked at Langdon Hall for over ten years and as the most senior member of her team, she is in the ideal position to train new staff. Her fellow colleagues have even created the acronym W.W.M.D. (What would Marianne do?) to help in tough situations.

Marianne’s advice: “Remember, a little goes a long way, so make sure to take those few extra minutes assisting guests and it will make all the difference.”

Staff Feature_Alison_2018



“I love the challenge of large events and it’s so meaningful to see special occasions and milestones come to fruition!”

From the moment the venue is chosen to the newly-wed couple’s last dance, wedding coordinators at Langdon Hall share in the love and joy of each special day. Alison Krokoszynski joined the events team over two years ago and has always been drawn towards the excitements of life, and what could be more exciting than planning weddings.

From working in sales for a New York publication to managing events in San Diego, Alison lets her heart lead the way to new adventures and her enjoyment of meeting new people. Alison grew up in Elmira, Ontario but after university she began traveling. Her first introduction to the restaurant industry and event planning began with her move to San Diego.

“After the publication I was working for in New York sold, I followed a friend to Palm Springs and continued working in sales,” explains Alison. “The job wasn’t what I expected so I moved to San Diego where I met an amazing young couple and became the bar manager at their sushi restaurant.”


Alison was inspired by this young couple and became fully committed to their restaurant. She began organizing event nights that featured specific DJs and business skyrocketed. They became one of the most popular sushi restaurants in San Diego. The art of event planning was developing in Alison and this was only the beginning.

She began helping another friend with his catering company by becoming an event coordinator. “Florals, rentals, venues…I was organizing it all,” says Alison. “We were hired for weddings, fundraisers, and celebrations, and every experience was different and full of excitement.” San Diego proved to be a career changer for Alison, but life would soon tempt her with a new adventure.

After five years in San Diego, romance convinced her to leave when her boyfriend’s parents needed their support. With his mother in Texas and father in Chicago, Alison followed her boyfriend between the two cities and pursued a new interest as a certified personal trainer.

“After a while we moved to Las Vegas where my boyfriend joined a band and I traveled with them across the country as their merchandise manager,” says Alison. “It was definitely exciting but it also became stressful on our relationship and we decided to go separate ways.”

At Christmas in 2012, Alison moved back home to Kitchener, Ontario to be with her family. It had been a while since she worked in hospitality but felt it would be a good place to meet new friends. She was hired for the opening of a new restaurant and put all her time into their events, until a friend suggested she apply to Langdon Hall.

In the fall of 2015, Alison became the new events coordinator at Langdon Hall, just months before the opening of a brand new event space. “I was so thrilled to join the team and there was a sense of excitement with this new space,” says Alison. The owners’ caring nature also reminded her of the young couple from the sushi restaurant in San Diego.

“I love the challenge of large events and it’s so meaningful to see special occasions and milestones come to fruition,” says Alison. “I have developed close relationships with some amazing couples who I’ve helped make their wedding vision a reality. It’s exciting to see it all come together!”

In addition to weddings, Alison coordinates corporate meetings, family celebrations, and especially loves surprise parties. Cycling has also become a passion for her and she has mastered that sought-after work/life balance.

“This month I’m traveling to Spain to cycle through the countryside and train for a triathlon,” says Alison. “It’s all about the journey and I’m definitely in my happy place.”




“I was very nervous attending the career fair since through my research I knew Langdon Hall would have high expectations, but I received an incredibly friendly welcome and my co-op placement!”

From corporate business retreats to weddings and grand celebrations, Langdon Hall provides elegantly appointed event rooms that come alive with beautifully arranged setups and impeccable service. As an Event Setup and Conference Porter, Yihong Song is part of the dedicated team that takes pride in ensuring every detail is set to perfection for every event.

Yihong began his career organizing events in Shenzhen, China, where he was born and raised. He earned his university degree in logistics, and joined a company where he met his wife and began a flourishing career. Eventually, Yihong and his wife made a decision to explore a new path together in Canada.

“I quite enjoyed my career in China and was about to make a leap,” explains Yihong. “However, the profession was also changing and communicating with clients in English was increasing, which was hindering my career development since I wasn’t good enough in this universal language. So together my wife and I decided to enhance my skill set and explore a new lifestyle by moving to a new country.”

Yihong knew expanding his language skills by immersing himself in an English culture would benefit his future and they considered New Zealand, Australia, or Canada for their new home. The decision was made a little easier by the fact that Yihong’s sister had moved to Ontario with her family the year before.


“In January 2014 my wife and I moved to Kitchener where I began the English Language Studies program at Conestoga College,” says Yihong. “It was a stressful time as I could only understand 50% of the language and only speak 10%, but my classmates were very helpful and I gained so much knowledge.”

Moving to Canada and embracing English studies weren’t the only new experiences for Yihong and his wife; in September 2014 they welcomed their first child!

With a young family at home, Yihong continued his studies with the Event Management Program, followed by the Global Hospitality Program that enabled students to gain real-working experience by completing a co-op placement. It was during this final program that his instructor encouraged him to attend Langdon Hall’s career fair and inquire about a co-op placement.

“I was very nervous attending the career fair since through my research I knew Langdon Hall would have high expectations,” explains Yihong. “But I received an incredible friendly welcome and my co-op placement!”

May 2016 was also a pivotal time at Langdon Hall with the opening of the Firshade wing, a new expansion that included a large event space. Yihong was joining the growing Events and Conferences team responsible for the room set-up, dining service, and tear down of all events.

Yihong became a permanent team member after completing his co-op and has contributed to the many changes. “Looking back at the past year, our team’s role has evolved with each event, expanding our responsibilities, and opening new opportunities,” says Yihong. “I am always trying to understand all the different elements of the hotel system and looking for new ways to improve processes to ensure the ideal guest experience.”

Four years have quickly passed since Yihong and his wife first arrived in Canada and they have many accomplishments to be proud of. With their three year old son and now six month old daughter, the family has gained permanent residency in Canada and is ready to move on to the next stage.

“Langdon Hall has provided such a welcoming environment to both myself and my family,” says Yihong. “Although I have learnt so much in the past few years, I am excited about future possibilities.”


Staff Feature Amy Moore

Carpentry, metal working, and watchkeeping are only a few of the early jobs Amy Moore held before joining the team at Langdon Hall in 2010. As Assistant Property Manager, Amy helps oversee the maintenance of the entire property, and although she works behind the scenes, she has a tremendous impact on ensuring the perfect guest experience.

Along with her two sisters and two brothers, Amy was born and raised in Cambridge where she grew up always helping in her father’s shop. As an inventor, her father was always creating something new so his shop was an exciting place to learn and explore.

“As kids, we were always involved in my dad’s work and really became a hands-on family,” explains Amy. “Between both my parents we learnt metal working, problem solving, home renovations, needle work and so much more. Our family mantra became: there’s always a better way,” she laughs.

Amy’s sisters are now a carpenter and teacher, one brother is an aircraft mechanic, and the other runs their father’s business. Her mom also devoted 30 years of her time to embracing the compassionate role of foster parent to infants.


“My mom cared for newborns who were waiting to be adopted and had a natural calling to foster,” explains Amy, who always loved having a baby around. “I remember the first thing we loved to teach them was how to stick out their tongue. Each one became part of our family and my mom gave her heart to every one of them.”

Over the 30 years, Amy’s parents cared for over 100 children. An extraordinary and selfless accomplishment. This compassion flowed through Amy and her siblings as well, and when Amy was 19 she traveled to Holland where she joined the Mercy Ships crew and became their carpenter.

Mercy Ships is a volunteer-run, global charity operating a fleet of hospital ships in developing nations. Amy joined the Anastasis, which was a 159-meter vessel converted into a mobile hospital where an average of 350 crew from more than 30 nations lived and worked.

“Being a deckhand on the Anastasis and then the Africa Mercy was an amazing experience,” says Amy. “Similar to my role at Langdon, I worked for the staff and ensured they had what they needed to fulfil their job. It also opened the door to a world of traveling.”

Over the years Amy continued to volunteer with Mercy Ships and traveled to South Africa, England, Liberia and Togo, as well as trips to Sweden, Portugal, Spain and the Canary Islands. Between trips she would return home and work for her father’s business. Through her numerous travels she made life-long friends, experienced breath-taking sceneries, and helped bring hope and healing to those who have limited access to healthcare.

After returning home from one of her trips, Amy wasn’t sure what she would do next, until she saw an ad in the local newspaper for a summer position at Langdon Hall.

“I had originally applied for a summer gardening position, but they quickly offered me a position with the Maintenance team, which was only one person at that time,” explains Amy. “It has been great seeing the team grow over the years. The best part of the job are the amazing staff who appreciate the work that we do.”

Over the years Amy has become familiar with all the aspects of the property and admits that two of her favourite spots is looking out at the view from guestrooms one and seven in the Main House. She is always working her magic behind the scenes to ensure staff can provide the best experience for guests, and at the beginning of 2017 she was grateful to be one of Langdon’s own winter brides.

“Everything came together perfectly for our wedding. I will always be extremely grateful to be able to work with and be supported by such a great team,” says Amy.

As her department has grown, Amy has taken on a leadership role in the execution of daily tasks, in addition she focuses her time on large scale projects that will benefit the property in the years to come. Langdon Hall is fortunate to have Amy alongside a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to ensuring the perfect guest experience.


Woman sitting on couch

It’s the details that count – from the neatly set pillow, to carefully pressed napkins, every detail becomes an intricate part of the guests’ experience. These valuable details wouldn’t exist without the remarkable people behind the scenes. Arali Valdes joined the Housekeeping team over a year ago, but recently accepted the newly created position of Accounting/HR Clerk.

Arali was born and raised in Saltillo, Mexico, a city over 500 years old and a population of over 700,000 people. She grew up with her two sisters and later moved to Monterrey, the capital and largest city of the northeastern state in Mexico.

“I met my husband in high school and attended university together,” says Arali. “I’m a very detailed-focused person so I decided to earn my degree in finance management, and began my career at a bank while also helping the family business.”

Arali and her husband started their family in the hustle and bustle of the big city. When their daughter was four, her husband’s company offered him a position in Canada. Although it was a very difficult decision, Arali and her husband decided to embrace this exciting new adventure and moved to Cambridge, Ontario.


“We thought, let’s give it a try and if we don’t like it, we can always move home,” says Arali. “Five years later and we have a wonderful life full of new beginnings and now our three year old son!”

Moving her family to another country was not without its challenges. Canadian cuisine is much milder, the rhythm in Cambridge is obviously much slower than in Monterrey, and raising her two children in an unfamiliar culture would be daunting for any parent. However, Arali also faced the challenge of not having her education recognized in her new country.

“Aside from having to work through the process of obtaining my work permit in Canada, my finance degree isn’t recognized due to finance rules differing from country to country,” explains Arali. “So for the first few years in Canada I stayed home to raise my children and care for the house.”

Just over a year ago Arali came across a position at Langdon Hall for the night laundry and thought “let’s give it a try”. Working the night shift would certainly be a challenge but a friend, who was a previous employee, assured her that she would be working with an amazing group of people.

“I had been doing the family laundry for years, and I thought how wonderful it would be to get paid in actual money instead of hugs and kisses,” laughs Arali. “So I accepted the position and took pride in this very humble role, knowing every detail counts!”

Arali continued in night laundry for nine months until she was given the opportunity to move into the role of Room Inspector for Housekeeping, giving her the chance to get to know the hotel during the day. However, her ultimate goal was to return to a similar role she left behind in Mexico.

“It’s been a long detour but I want to earn my CPA designation here in Canada, but I need relevant work experience,” explains Arali. “Luckily, the team at Langdon Hall has been extremely supportive and found the role of Accounting/HR Clerk for me to transition into.”

Arali is now assisting with the daily duties for both Finance as well as Human Resources team. Although job requirements have changed, Arali’s position is still detailed focused and a step closer to her career goal.

“It’s a great feeling working with an incredible team that provides you with a sense of belonging,” says Arali. “I am excited to explore this next chapter of my new beginning.”


Lisa Papazoglou staff feature

Imagine arriving to work in a relaxing and soothing environment, with smells of natural lavender oils and tranquil music playing softly in the background. Lisa Papazoglou experiences this everyday as an esthetician at the Spa at Langdon Hall, where she provides facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and makeup applications.

“Growing up my mom helped me understand the importance of taking care of my skin, and I also fell in love with makeup,” explains Lisa. “Skin care became very important to me and it was an easy decision to earn my diploma as an esthetician.”

Lisa completed a two year program to become an esthetician. She focused on acquiring technical skills, enhancing confidence, and ensuring she had the ability to assist all clients with their personal skin care concerns. She loved her program and attributes much of her success to the support of her family.

Lisa grew up in Scarborough as the middle child of three and recalls the importance placed on family life. Her mother had a passion for children so stayed home to focus on raising the three of them, and her father was always there to support their needs. These family values were passed down to Lisa as she now devotes all her spare time to her three children and husband of 21 years.


“There isn’t a lot of work that comes home with my job so I’m fortunate to be able to devote my time to my daughter and two sons, Alexa, Carmelo and Julian,” says Lisa. “But I couldn’t do it without the support of my family, and that’s why after Julian was born, we followed my parents and brother and moved to Cambridge.”

Not long after moving to Cambridge, Lisa was introduced to Langdon Hall and joined the team at the Spa. After four years, guests now regularly request Lisa for manicures, pedicures, makeup application – and her favourite – facials. She has witnessed the renovation of a new spa and the change in industry trends.

“I take pride in every service I provide and want to surpass the guest’s expectation,” says Lisa. “I truly enjoy interacting with all the guests, but my favourite part of working at Langdon Hall is the overall environment. If you’re having a bad day, this job naturally changes your mood. It’s therapeutic.”

Lisa has been in the industry for over 20 years and has witnessed its evolution. She has noticed that esthetic services are becoming more of a necessity as opposed to a luxury to people, since there is a growing focus on maintaining your body’s overall health.

“People are realizing that pedicures are not just about nail polish but about overall foot care,” explains Lisa, “and the clientele is changing considerably with a large increase in male guests.”

The industry’s trends are also changing with a larger focus on natural ingredients. “You do not smell nail polish when visiting our spa,” says Lisa. “We work with products that are made with all vegan ingredients and are free of chemicals, which is not only enjoyed by guests but greatly appreciated by the staff.”

Lisa loves sharing the experience of facials with her clients and admits that snoring is always a compliment. Her passion for the job is evident with each treatment and she can’t see that changing anytime soon.



A milestone birthday or anniversary, that moment she says “I do”, or a quiet celebration between a couple, are memorable moments that want to be cherished for a lifetime. At Langdon Hall these moments are made possible by warm and caring people such as Greg Uss, who as Assistant Food and Beverage Manager is honoured when he becomes a part of that special memory.

Greg is a familiar face in the restaurant and many guests ask for him personally, perhaps because of the comfort he offers with his grace and charm, but for Greg it goes to a deeper level of wanting to make a difference.

“My family has a fascinating history that has created the foundation for me,” says Greg. “My maternal grandfather was an officer for the Tsar of Russia, escaped during WWI and fled to Belgium, leaving his family behind. Similarly, my paternal grandfather was a chemist in Russia who fled to Belgium with his family during the war, and eventually settled in Burlington to design the lab for Joseph Brant Hospital.”


Greg’s parents met in Belgium but both made their way to Ontario where they settled and raised their family.

“I was surrounded by classical literature, music and art while growing up,” says Greg. “My sister and I were constantly stimulated in an environment that encouraged expression of one’s self, and we cherished this but were also told that we should be somebody.”

Once in high school, Greg began teaching music to adults and knew he had the ability to give back and share his talents, but he was still unsure how he was going to fulfil his parents’ expectation of making his life important.

“By my early 20’s I discovered I had a knack for retail and created my own store,” explains Greg. “My store was called Sweets & Treats and I offered coffee and gourmet foods. By the second year it was not doing well but after some needed advice from a dear friend I gave it everything I had and to my surprise the store’s success sky rocketed!”

After selling his store and returning to school, Greg worked part-time at a restaurant as well as in customer service at a bank. These roles reinforced his discovery of being a people person and his skillful ability of being the calming factor in any situation. He excelled in these roles but after 15 years at the restaurant he knew he wanted something more and always had his parents’ encouraging voice in the back of his head saying, “you can be somebody.”

In 2001 a past colleague invited Greg to Langdon Hall and offered him a role in the restaurant where he would be a coach, leader, and positive influence to staff as well as offer his grace and charm to each memorable moment experienced by guests. Greg saw a special opportunity and decided to take it.

“Langdon Hall’s beauty is the warmth of the staff, the sensory experience of the crackling fire and soft music, and the high standards it has worked so hard to attain,” explains Greg. “As staff, we have the responsibility to protect and respect those standards and cherish the opportunity we have to become a part of our guests’ experience.”

Over the last 16 years Greg has created a sense of place at Langdon Hall where he has touched so many lives, both of staff and guests. Whether it was providing staff with a positive outlook before beginning a stressful shift, humbling being called Sir by Robin Williams, or going the extra mile for guests, Greg has undeniably become a memorable person at Langdon Hall who has made a notable difference for many.

“I can teach new staff anything, but I can’t teach them how to care. That, they bring here themselves,” says Greg.


Pat Groocock at Langdon Hall

An immaculately made bed, towels carefully hung in a spotless bathroom, and a fire artfully set and ready to light; these are only a few items that Pat, as a Room Inspector, has to ensure are perfect before the guest arrives for check-in. Pat has a vital role to play at the hotel and her passionate touch ensures a memorable experience for all guests.

As a young girl growing up in Yorkshire, England, Pat recalls daily morning tea and the dining table always set for the next meal. “If you visit my home right now you would see the table is all set for dinner,” explains Pat. “It’s the small family traditions that stick with me.”

After serving as an explosive expert in World War II, Pat’s father dreamed of moving his family to Canada, and in 1965 they moved to London, Ontario. This became Pat’s hometown and where she later met her husband, Chuck.

Pat worked at Canada Trust head office for 23 years and after retiring, she and Chuck decided to move to Stratford and open their own bed and breakfast. Pat became housekeeper, chef, server, and dishwasher and loved it all!

“Serving breakfast was my favourite,” says Pat. “You had to keep up with the latest trends to stay competitive so it was exciting to have to create new dishes.”


During the off season Pat and Chuck enjoyed traveling. The most memorable, Pat recalls, was their trip to Nepal. “We traveled with my cousin who builds schools so it was an incredible experience living within a small community where we cooked and ate with the local people.”

The next adventure began when they decided to build a B&B in Nova Scotia but in 2012 Chuck’s job brought them back to Ontario, as well as back to the privacy of their own home, as they chose not to continue their B&B. Pat missed cooking for her guests and ensuring their room was spotless but she found a place that would help fill that void.

“Driving up the lane to work inspires me to provide the guest with the very best,” explains Pat. “I feel like Langdon is my own B&B, and I couldn’t be happier continuing my passion by making sure the guest room is the best it can possibly be.”

Inspecting guest rooms is not an easy task, both physically and mentally. With three separate buildings and 60 guest rooms, Pat walks over 17 thousand steps a day, has 77 check points to review when inspecting each room, and helps to oversee the housekeeping team. Her past experience and natural passion to provide the best for her guests makes Pat an invaluable member of the Langdon team.

Pat and Chuck recently celebrated their 40th anniversary and are in the midst of planning their next trip to Hawaii. “We’re do-ers,” says Pat, “and I can’t see us slowing down any time soon!”


Kevin Petrie_2

Langdon Hall’s famed gardens begin at the driveway entrance, span across the property with perennials and annuals, include a kitchen vegetable garden, decorative plants, and 75 acres of Carolinian forest. One can only imagine the time and energy needed to tend to every plant, flower, and tree. That is why Kevin’s role as Gardening Assistant is so essential to sustaining the beauty that was first envisioned in 1902 by the Olmsted Brothers, the designers of notable landscapes throughout North America.

When discovering the Earth Science class in his last year of high school, Kevin realized his love for the outdoors could perhaps morph into a career. “Growing up my dad and I loved going on canoe trips and exploring the outdoors, and my mom has always been passionate about gardens,” explains Kevin. “I wasn’t crazy about touring gardens with my mom as a kid, but that has definitely changed with age.”

After much consideration, Kevin enrolled at the University of Windsor for the Environmental Studies program with a specialty in Resource Management. Just before the summer of his second year his mom came across a job posting in the local paper for a summer position on the Grounds Team at Langdon Hall.

“I remember going to the interview and never even knowing this beautiful property existed,” says Kevin. “That summer I became a glorified weeder but what I didn’t realize was that I was literally learning from the ground up and gaining an appreciation for how a seed grows, insect interactions, consistency of the soil and so much more.”


Kevin worked on the Grounds Team for four summers while completing university. After graduating he moved back to Kitchener with his girlfriend, and now fiancé, Ashlee and chose to stay at Langdon as a door porter after the summer season had ended. It was in the winter of 2014 that the position of Gardening Assistant became available and Kevin was chosen by Head Grounds Keeper Mario Muniz to fill the role.

“There was definitely a learning curve with the new role, but it was the opportunity I was waiting for,” explains Kevin. “The job is so diverse that one minute I’m creating a bouquet for a bride’s room and the next I’m learning about forest restoration. Each day is different and each season brings something new.”

Kevin also leads the seasonal crew each summer and credits his dad for the leadership skills he was able to bring to the position and values the management experience he has gained. His next goal is to finish his Horticultural Diploma through the University of Guelph that he has halfway completed.

“Looking back, a career in the Langdon Hall gardens didn’t really cross my mind while working as that glorified weeder,” says Kevin. “But this opportunity has planted a seed—as funny as that sounds—and I can’t wait to watch it grow.”

Next year, Kevin and Ashlee will say I do and a new chapter will begin. Perhaps one day Kevin will be called upon by a young property eager to design the next Olmsted inspired garden and hone in on the skills and knowledge he’s gaining from his experience at Langdon Hall to create the next beautiful masterpiece.


Raymond Murphy Jr.

The secret sauce behind the kitchen doors.

When dining at your favourite restaurant you interact with your host, wait-staff and at times the chef; however, rarely do you witness the hard workers behind the kitchen doors, including the dishwasher. Raymond Jr. plays a vital role on the kitchen team as dishwasher and although he is inevitably hidden from the guest’s view, his contribution is the secret sauce behind a successful day.

Born and raised in Cambridge, Ontario, Ray Jr. is proud to call the city his home. “My parents moved from Newfoundland to Cambridge in 1969. I was born three years later and named after my father,” explains Ray Jr. “Galt, as we knew it back then, was our stomping ground and it hasn’t stopped being my home.”

One of Ray Jr.’s first jobs was a ‘sports runner’ for the Cambridge Reporter newspaper. He would get behind the scenes of the local hockey game and run the final score and exciting details back to the editor to print for the next day – a job that kept him connected to his city.

“I remember reading articles about the Langdon Hall property while working at the Reporter,” says Ray Jr. But little did he know how much Langdon Hall would impact his life until years later when his dad starting working for their head chef.

Similar to many, family is deeply important to Ray Jr. and his dad has been a guiding leader through his life. It was in August 2010 on Ray Jr.’s wedding day that the Langdon Hall kitchen family provided much needed support, and this newly extended family was there again in 2013 when Ray Jr. joined the dishwasher team in Langdon Hall’s kitchen.

“Becoming a dishwasher in a busy kitchen was a big learning curve for me and at first I was nervous about breaking the delicate dishes,” explains Ray Jr. “But I felt supported not only with my dad working beside me but by the whole team.”


Ray Jr.’s days in the kitchen can be long, soggy and tough at times but as he gathers his troops to prep for the shift, reviews the itineraries and number of guests the house will be greeting, he finds his groove and away he goes. Although the kitchen environment can inevitably be hard, to Ray Jr. it is also rewarding.

“We look out for each other, we’re a family,” says Ray Jr. “Working at Langdon Hall feels like home and although my dad doesn’t work beside me any longer I always follow his advice, Respect yourself and do your best, and this includes being committed to my team.”

With his wife Christina and six year old son Matthew, Ray Jr. is grateful to have found a job that focuses on family ethics, both inside and outside the kitchen. He explains, “Being there for Christina and Matthew is very important to me and having a team that understands and values that means the world to me.”

Meet Brendan Green


As you drive up the winding driveway towards the revival estate house, Brendan’s welcoming smile may be your first encounter as he greets you, offers to assist with your luggage and valet your car. As Head Porter at Langdon Hall, Brendan is a liaison between the hotel and its guests. A job that has many responsibilities and is very guest focused.

At only 24 years of age, Brendan has many accomplishments to be proud of. Growing up as a middle child in Cambridge, Ontario sports became a passion for him. “I kept my parents busy by playing hockey for 18 years and competitive golf for five years with a summer on Team Ontario,” says Brendan.

Add two years of AAA baseball to Brendan’s list and one would think professional sports would be in his future; however, he chose to keep it a hobby and set off to Mohawk College to earn a Business and Marketing degree where he embraced his creative side. Like many college graduates Brendan set off to explore and became a dishwasher at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Alberta.

“I remember talking to the front desk staff at the Fairmont and realizing I loved the idea of interacting with guests,” explains Brendan. “This was my aha! moment of seeing myself working in hospitality and possibly making it a career.”


Feeling isolated in Alberta, Brendan returned to Cambridge, Ontario to follow his newly discovered path. “I fell in love with Langdon Hall at first sight. It is a hidden gem in my own backyard yet you feel a world away when you’re here.” Brendan was thrilled to join the team as a door porter and eager to learn the hotel standards and discover how to improve them.

In February 2017 Brendan was promoted to Head Porter. In this supervisory role, he assists with the daily management of the front desk and porters, takes part in hiring and training new staff, and leads the team to continually exceed guest expectations.

For Brendan, the most rewarding aspect of working at Langdon Hall is knowing that his role greatly impacts the success of creating an unforgettable experience for the guests. He is not simply a porter but a liaison to guests who builds trusting relationships, eases any uncertainty, and opens the door to welcome them into the Langdon Hall home.

This is just the beginning of Brendan’s career. “I ultimately want to work towards a management position at Langdon Hall and I’m fortunate to have inspiring leaders around me to learn from,” says Brendan. “Hospitality is an art and I feel that this is my calling.”