Meet Staff Member Tyrell Sheehan

With a passion to learn and grow, anything is possible. Tyrell Sheehan joined the Housekeeping team with an enthusiasm to provide warm, personal service of the finest quality, and has recently been promoted to Room Inspector. It has been a privilege to help Tyrell work towards his goals    as his career in hospitality takes shape. Tyrell describes his younger self as shy and quiet, but also intrigued and inspired by family members who worked in customer service. “As my role models growing up, my mom and uncle both pursued careers that involved strong interpersonal skills and I knew this was a skill I wanted to improve,” explains Tyrell.

After taking a year off after high school, Tyrell enrolled in the Hospitality and Tourism program at Conestoga College with the intent of building strong relationships with his fellow peers and working towards becoming a travel agent.“I was fortunate to have the opportunity to job shadow a few travel agents during my courses and discovered that perhaps I wasn’t moving in the right direction. I was hesitant about pursing a desk job,” explains Tyrell. “What I really wanted to do was get out of my comfort zone and experience the front line.”

That’s when the Langdon Hall Annual Job Fair caught his eye and he applied for the Room Tenant position in the Housekeeping department. This role focused not only on timing and quality, but strong communication skills between colleagues and a soft introduction to interacting with guests.“Langdon Hall has been a wonderful introduction to the hospitality industry,” says Tyrell. “As a Room Tenant I focused on providing impeccable quality, which came easy to me, communicating to the team to ensure rooms were ready for our guests’ arrival, and improving my confidence to assist guests around the property.”

It didn’t take long for Tyrell to become a natural in his position and begin seeking greater challenges. Last month Tyrell applied for a promotion and was the selected candidate for Room Inspector. In his new supervisory role, Tyrell acts as a liaison between the Housekeeping team and the Front Desk to ensure guests receive the keys to their immaculate polished room as early as possible. “I’m not only thankful for the opportunity to succeed in this new position, but I am delighted when guests come to me for assistance with finding their way around the property,” says Tyrell. “Langdon Hall has even deepened my appreciation for history and architecture, making me want to explore what the world has to offer.”

So what does a young man like Tyrell see for his future? “I know I’m many steps away but one day it would be an honour to become General Manager,” he says. “That’s why I will continue to step out of my comfort zone and wake up every morning with the goal of learning something new.”