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Meet Staff Member Stephanie Houghton

A newly discovered passion for the hospitality world has motivated Front Desk Agent Stephanie Houghton to pursue a career in the industry. But her hard-work mentality and ambition to give it her all originates from her parents and life on the farm.

Stephanie grew up in the country on her parent’s horse farm. Farm life not only taught Stephanie to be resilient but she also naturally developed a love for horses.

“My dad bred Canadian Horses that could do everything from jumping to combined driving.”

By the time she was 15, Stephanie had purchased her very own horse named Goat – with some financial assistance from her grandmother. “I started riding competitively and competed with Goat for two years. I learned a lot and fell off a lot,” laughs Stephanie.

Horses weren’t Stephanie’s only passion growing up as she discovered figure skating at the young age of four and progressed quickly. By the time she was 12 she was skating at the star skate senior level and was on the ice nine hours a week. However, she made the difficult decision not to pursue the competitive level as she didn’t want to lose time with her horses.

“I loved being on the ice but I was battling my time between skating the riding,” recalls Stephanie. “I still skate now and again but my love for riding won.”

female ice skater

Owning a horse was becoming too expensive for Stephanie and sadly she had to give up Goat. She kept riding and even joined the Ontario Collegiate Equestrian Association during university. Then in 2018, a new horse came into her life.

“Bear was a very inexperienced horse but I was up for the challenge and after only four months of working with him we set off for the World Equestrian Center in Ohio,” explains Stephanie. “It’s incredibly humbling when you can barely piece together a few jumps then slowly but surely things come together. I am very happy with his progress. Last year we finished in the top seven of a very competitive division on the Central West Trillium Circuit. Looking forward to this year’s show season as we will be moving up to a new height!”

equestrian rider and horse jumping

Stephanie’s dedication to her riding passion is evident but she also demonstrates this commitment in every task she takes on. In 2016, Langdon Hall was fortunate to welcome her to the Housekeeping team and witness her discovery of a new passion.

“I was enrolled at the University of Waterloo’s Environmental Business program and needed a job with flexible hours,” explains Stephanie. “I had no idea that I would fall in love with the hospitality industry.”

Stephanie became the go-to person during the evenings in the Housekeeping department and realized she wanted to explore more of the industry. So in the summer of 2019, she joined the Front Desk team and her passion grew even deeper.

“I couldn’t be happier at Langdon Hall,” smiles Stephanie. “I love working with all the teams in this beautiful environment and I genuinely enjoy creating memorable memories for our guests.”

However, Langdon Hall can’t take all the credit for Stephanie’s newfound passion since hospitality has always been a part of her life.

“My mom has owned a bakery for over 30 years and has been teaching cake decorating since 1988,” explains Stephanie. “Her first shop was in Mississauga and she became a well-known wedding cake vendor at many venues in Toronto.”

Stephanie’s mom has created cakes for Wedding Bells magazine, TV movies including the Piano Man and the Judy Garland Story, and is a five time gold medalist and one time silver medalist in Canada’s Bakery Showcase. She has passed on many of her talents to Stephanie, who can be found helping her mom baking and decorating at their Bake Shop on Main during her spare time.

baker holding a basket of donuts

With her growing talents in the hospitality industry, Stephanie is excited about future opportunities. She recently completed training for the night audit role, and hopes to explore the food and beverage department, and wants to find time to travel.

“I always try to do my job to the fullest and give 110%,” says Stephanie. “I feel very grateful that I have found my passion for the hospitality industry and can’t wait to see where it takes me.”

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