Female server posing with a bottle of wine

Meet Staff Member Phyllis Flynn

Do you share your passion with those around you? Or follow your heart when it calls? For those who have had the pleasure of meeting restaurant server Phyllis Flynn, you know that her excitement to share her passion can enhance your entire dining experience. Her enthusiasm leaves you inspired but with a sense of belonging. For Phyllis, this is simply a way of life.

Phyllis spent her childhood years selling produce and flowers at the local market with her grandparents. She enjoys reminiscing about her youth and how food played such an import role in her family’s day-to-day life.

“I loved growing up in my grandma’s kitchen,” recalls Phyllis. “We cooked everything from scratch, including the cheese for our pierogi. I even remember butchering a pig with my grandpa.”

Her parents also appreciated fine dining and always put their extra earnings towards special family outings to upscale restaurants. From a young age, Phyllis was accustom to the world of fine food and wine. However, it wasn’t until later in life that her family’s passion became a career.

After marrying her husband Emmet in 1992, they welcomed their first child Pearse only two years later and a new chapter started for Phyllis as she embraced her role as a mother.

“After Pearse was born all I wanted to do was stay home with him,” explains Phyllis. “Then 18 months later we had our daughter Fiona and I knew I wanted to devout all my energy and passion to my children.”

So Phyllis stayed home with her children and became a “school mom” – she loved every minute of it! She was there for all those special moments and even took it upon herself to homeschool Pearse and Fiona for one year. Phyllis enjoyed this magical chapter of her life for 18 years, but her next journey was soon approaching.

“Once my children were older, I was looking forward to getting back into the business world,” says Phyllis. “Through a family friend who owned a restaurant, I started a job as a server and bartender. It didn’t take long before I took the lead on all their catered events as well.”

This was Phyllis’ introduction to working in the hospitality industry – although she was fairly accustomed to the fine dining world already – and like most of her pursuits, she put her heart and soul into the role.

“I do everything from the heart and go where my heart leads me,” says Phyllis. “So in 2016 I reached for the top and applied for a serving position in the restaurant at Langdon Hall, with a goal to expand my wine knowledge.”

However, Phyllis first had to master the high standards of service in the Five-Diamond restaurant, but with her sincere passion to share the experience with every guest she encountered, it didn’t take long before she became a favourite among many guests.

Phyllis is now pursuing the challenge of earning her sommelier certificate with the guidance and support of Langdon Hall. She has successfully achieved her Wine & Spirit Education Trust for levels one, two, and recently passed her level three with merit. Her final step is to pass the test to become a certified sommelier.
“I love the people I work with and am so fortunate for the unwavering support I have received through my latest journey.”

Langdon Hall and all our guests are the lucky ones, as Phyllis embodies a passion that is hard to find and comes straight from the heart. Her ability to provide guests with an unforgettable dining experience is remarkable and her motherly kindness towards her colleagues is genuine.

We could all follow a life lesson from Phyllis…

“You shouldn’t do something you don’t enjoy. Follow your passion and share it with the ones you love.”