Pat Groocock

Meet Staff Member Pat Groocock

An immaculately made bed, towels carefully hung in a spotless bathroom, and a fire artfully set and ready to light; these are only a few items that Pat, as a Room Inspector, has to ensure are perfect before the guest arrives for check-in. Pat has a vital role to play at the hotel and her passionate touch ensures a memorable experience for all guests.

As a young girl growing up in Yorkshire, England, Pat recalls daily morning tea and the dining table always set for the next meal. “If you visit my home right now you would see the table is all set for dinner,” explains Pat. “It’s the small family traditions that stick with me.”

After serving as an explosive expert in World War II, Pat’s father dreamed of moving his family to Canada, and in 1965 they moved to London, Ontario. This became Pat’s hometown and where she later met her husband, Chuck.

Pat worked at Canada Trust head office for 23 years and after retiring, she and Chuck decided to move to Stratford and open their own bed and breakfast. Pat became housekeeper, chef, server, and dishwasher and loved it all!

“Serving breakfast was my favourite,” says Pat. “You had to keep up with the latest trends to stay competitive so it was exciting to have to create new dishes.”

During the off season Pat and Chuck enjoyed traveling. The most memorable, Pat recalls, was their trip to Nepal. “We traveled with my cousin who builds schools so it was an incredible experience living within a small community where we cooked and ate with the local people.”

The next adventure began when they decided to build a B&B in Nova Scotia but in 2012 Chuck’s job brought them back to Ontario, as well as back to the privacy of their own home, as they chose not to continue their B&B. Pat missed cooking for her guests and ensuring their room was spotless but she found a place that would help fill that void.

“Driving up the lane to work inspires me to provide the guest with the very best,” explains Pat. “I feel like Langdon is my own B&B, and I couldn’t be happier continuing my passion by making sure the guest room is the best it can possibly be.”

Inspecting guest rooms is not an easy task, both physically and mentally. With three separate buildings and 60 guest rooms, Pat walks over 17 thousand steps a day, has 77 check points to review when inspecting each room, and helps to oversee the housekeeping team. Her past experience and natural passion to provide the best for her guests makes Pat an invaluable member of the Langdon team.

Pat and Chuck recently celebrated their 40th anniversary and are in the midst of planning their next trip to Hawaii. “We’re do-ers,” says Pat, “and I can’t see us slowing down any time soon!”

“I feel like Langdon is my own B&B and I couldn’t be happier.”