Marianne Juranovic

Meet Staff Member Marianne Juranovic

Compassionate, heartfelt, and thoughtful are the endearing qualities behind the voice of Langdon Hall. Whether you are calling to book a reservation, inquire about a service, or simply need directions, Marianne Juranovic is the helpful voice behind the phone. Her warm and caring smile might not be seen, but it is definitely heard.

Marianne began her career in the travel and tourism industry but wanted to branch out into hospitality. Beginning with a wholesale company in Toronto, Marianne moved to Kitchener after she married the love of her life, and is where they now raise their four-year-old daughter.

“My family has always been my number one priority and I can’t express the joy it brings me as I watch my daughter grow,” explains Marianne. “So it was somewhat difficult to move away from the Toronto area and my immediate family. I am thankful to just be an hour’s drive away rather than being a plane ride away from my mom, dad, and my sister and her family, so there’s a silver lining!”

However, it wasn’t long after moving to Kitchener that Marianne saw a job ad for Langdon Hall in the newspaper and applied for a position in Reservations. Her welcoming and joyful disposition made her a wonderful addition to the team, but it was her initiative to continuously improve the guest experience that led to her next role.

“While part of my daily tasks was to assist guests at the front desk, I found it disruptive whenever the phone would ring,” explains Marianne. “So I helped initiate a new position similar to a switchboard operator, which soon led me to becoming the first Guest Services representative.” In addition to this, Marianne helped create and develop the Guest Notes Report, which assists all departments with preparing for group and leisure guests well in advance of their arrival.

Four years later, Marianne has truly become the voice of Langdon Hall. She is the first point of contact when guests call for the hotel, restaurant or spa, and is that friendly “hello, how may I help you,” when guests call from their guest room.

“I treat every phone call as if it is one of my family members on the other line,” says Marianne. “Once I had a guest call in a panic because she had taken a wrong turn and was going to be late for an event here at Langdon. I stayed on the phone with her for over 15 minutes to ensure she had found her way. She then asked to see me after her event and thanked me with a huge hug!”

Even with all the fond memories of guests showing appreciation, Marianne is most grateful for how Langdon Hall helped her get over her fear of dogs. Marianne had never recovered from a childhood fear of dogs and on her first day of work she encountered one of the hotel’s large Bernese Mountain dogs…the terror had set in!
“I didn’t think I would be able to continue to work knowing the hotel’s dogs roamed the property, but Ms. Wilks changed everything with her naturally gentle soul,” explains Marianne. “When I became pregnant with my daughter, Ms. Wilks rubbed her snout against my tummy and every day after that she would lay beside me during the day. She was my protector.”

The hotel is very dog friendly and over the years Marianne has become friends not only with the gentle Bernese Mountain dogs, but also the pets of guests and staff alike.

Marianne, who has also been called the “flower police”, has now worked at Langdon Hall for over ten years and as the most senior member of her team, she is in the ideal position to train new staff. Her fellow colleagues have even created the acronym W.W.M.D. (What would Marianne do?) to help in tough situations.

Marianne’s advice: “Remember, a little goes a long way, so make sure to take those few extra minutes assisting guests and it will make all the difference.”