Lisa Papazoglou

Meet Staff Member Lisa Papazoglou

Imagine arriving to work in a relaxing and soothing environment, with smells of natural lavender oils and tranquil music playing softly in the background. Lisa Papazoglou experiences this everyday as an esthetician at the Spa at Langdon Hall, where she provides facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and makeup applications.

“Growing up my mom helped me understand the importance of taking care of my skin, and I also fell in love with makeup,” explains Lisa. “Skin care became very important to me and it was an easy decision to earn my diploma as an esthetician.”

Lisa completed a two year program to become an esthetician. She focused on acquiring technical skills, enhancing confidence, and ensuring she had the ability to assist all clients with their personal skin care concerns. She loved her program and attributes much of her success to the support of her family.

Lisa grew up in Scarborough as the middle child of three and recalls the importance placed on family life. Her mother had a passion for children so stayed home to focus on raising the three of them, and her father was always there to support their needs. These family values were passed down to Lisa as she now devotes all her spare time to her three children and husband of 21 years.

“There isn’t a lot of work that comes home with my job so I’m fortunate to be able to devote my time to my daughter and two sons, Alexa, Carmelo and Julian,” says Lisa. “But I couldn’t do it without the support of my family, and that’s why after Julian was born, we followed my parents and brother and moved to Cambridge.”

Not long after moving to Cambridge, Lisa was introduced to Langdon Hall and joined the team at the Spa. After four years, guests now regularly request Lisa for manicures, pedicures, makeup application – and her favourite – facials. She has witnessed the renovation of a new spa and the change in industry trends.

“I take pride in every service I provide and want to surpass the guest’s expectation,” says Lisa. “I truly enjoy interacting with all the guests, but my favourite part of working at Langdon Hall is the overall environment. If you’re having a bad day, this job naturally changes your mood. It’s therapeutic.”

Lisa has been in the industry for over 20 years and has witnessed its evolution. She has noticed that esthetic services are becoming more of a necessity as opposed to a luxury to people, since there is a growing focus on maintaining your body’s overall health.

“People are realizing that pedicures are not just about nail polish but about overall foot care,” explains Lisa, “and the clientele is changing considerably with a large increase in male guests.”

The industry’s trends are also changing with a larger focus on natural ingredients. “You do not smell nail polish when visiting our spa,” says Lisa. “We work with products that are made with all vegan ingredients and are free of chemicals, which is not only enjoyed by guests but greatly appreciated by the staff.”

Lisa loves sharing the experience of facials with her clients and admits that snoring is always a compliment. Her passion for the job is evident with each treatment and she can’t see that changing anytime soon.