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Meet Staff Member Laurie Auliffe

Seeking balance in today’s busy world can be as easy as visiting the spa. However, without a skillfully trained esthetician, achieving relaxation and overall wellness may not be guaranteed. Thankfully at Langdon Hall’s Spa, Laurie Auliffe has recently pioneered the role of Esthetics Trainer to not only assist staff in reaching their top potential, but also to ensure guests receive their desired outcome.

From a young age Laurie had a passion for creativity and in high school she dreamed of becoming an artist. This vision transpired when Laurie attended Gina’s College of Advanced Aesthetics to master the traditional European techniques of the trade. Through her studies she was introduced to the theory of skin and muscles as she worked through the practical knowledge of treatments including facials, manicures/pedicures, and body treatments.

“I remember starting part time at my first day spa in order to build up my clientele,” explains Laurie. “I learned a lot in my four and a half years there but I couldn’t imagine how far I would come after joining the team at Langdon Hall.”

Laurie was hired 10 years ago by Langdon Hall’s new spa director, at the time, as a full time esthetician. She has been supported through life changing events after a car accident and the loss of her brother, but has also witnessed exciting changes such as the opening of Langdon Hall’s new spa in 2016. More recently, Laurie was selected for the newly appointed role of Esthetics Trainer.

“My new role is very exciting because of how unique it is to this profession,” explains Laurie. “There are very few spas that have a dedicated staff member overseeing protocols and procedures, staff assessments and training, and treatment developments.”

Laurie’s goal is clear, to ensure each staff member has equal and comprehensive training in order to provide the same perfect treatment to every guest.

To achieve her goal Laurie conducts quarterly performance assessments for every staff member. This includes treatment appraisals to ensure the proper technique is being used – since each of the six facials feature unique movements; compassionate guest interaction; and product knowledge.

“I love organizing – Staples is my favourite store!” explains Laurie. “So to help each staff member succeed I create personal booklets, quarterly quizzes to test their product knowledge, and general guide books for our protocols and procedures.”

Laurie is also the acclaimed staff cheerleader and a true support system for all levels of staff. “Whether it’s a new staff member making their first retail sale or a senior member achieving their quarterly goal, I want to make sure they are celebrated,” she explains.

Not only does Laurie’s dynamic energy encourage staff to stay on track with their goals and perform to the best of their ability, but it also ensures every spa guest receives the best service possible since bookings are based on performance, not seniority.

“Assigning bookings based on performance, instead of seniority, is rare in most spas,” says Laurie. “This sets us apart from other spas and our clients truly benefit from it.”

Laurie manages her time between working reception, performing treatments for specific clients, training staff, as well as improving treatment procedures. When Laurie saw a gap in services for prenatal guests she developed a package specifically for expecting mothers.

“My new role has gone further than we ever thought but there’s always room for improvement,” explains Laurie. “I’m excited about the future possibilities because I know there’s more my role can take on to help guests achieve the peaceful balance we all strive for in today’s world.”