Staff Member Jordan Mazzanti

Meet Staff Member Jordan Mazzanti

With a cellar of over 1400 wines from around the world, it can be a daunting task for some guests to make a selection from our wine menu. Fortunately, Sommelier Jordan Mazzanti “can talk about wine all day” and is passionate about providing guests with an exquisite dining experience.

Also referred to as a wine steward, a sommelier plays various roles as part of the restaurant team and ultimately, is a trained and knowledgeable wine and service professional. This knowledge develops from countless hours of studying, sniffing, and tasting to acquire detailed information about the wine – from the history of the region and vineyard, to the types of grapes, to the ideal food pairing and unique sensation of each wine.

Working in the restaurant industry since he was 14, Jordan discovered the world of wine four years ago and has not looked back.

“I watched a friend study for her sommelier certificate and was drawn in,” explains Jordan. “As an avid traveler, I have a passion for geography and history and I just needed to find my niche – the world of wine was a perfect fit.”

Jordan spent over two years studying to become a certified sommelier and member of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers. He attributes his achievements to the generous and passionate community of wine professionals who supported him throughout the program.

“It was incredible to be offered an internship at Langdon Hall to complete the 60 hours required for my program,” says Jordan, who still pinches himself to ensure he’s not dreaming. “Once I completed my certificate I joined the sommelier team at Langdon Hall full time, and it has been an honour!”

Jordan’s previous restaurant experience made him an excellent addition to the service team, since sommeliers also require full service training. Paired with mastering the delicate dance between sommelier and server, and Jordan’s talents ensure each guest receives an exquisite and informative dining experience.

“Teamwork is the true secret behind the magic at Langdon Hall,” explains Jordan. “We have been ranked the top five restaurant in Canada because we work as a seamless team with a passion to provide only the best.”

However, it could be said that the true artistry of being a sommelier lies in being able to listen to the guest. With Jordan’s genuinely kind personality it is no surprise that he loves interacting with guests – even more than opening a bottle of perfectly aged red burgundy.

“Hosting our weekly wine tasting with guests is one of my favourite roles of the job,” says Jordan. “I get to share my passion and knowledge about wine while also getting to know the guest on a

more personal level. It makes the dining experience later that night all the more enjoyable and personable for them.”

The growth of knowledge is never ending as a sommelier. Jordan often spends his days off attending industry classes, tastings, and just keeping up with industry related news. He has truly embraced his joie de vivre through the wine world.

“Being a sommelier is a lifestyle, and possibly an obsession for me,” explains Jordan. “I can’t believe how far I’ve come and I’m incredibly grateful to the wine professionals who have led the way.”