Jodi sitting in front of fireplace

Meet Staff Member Jodi Fontes

Let’s venture behind the scenes to our finance department where you won’t encounter artistic culinary creations or feather-down beds, but someone who represents the core values that embody the true essence of Langdon Hall. Jodi Fontes is responsible for accounts receivable and payroll and first joined the team in 1995. Her commitment to family and unwavering kindness is a testament to the renowned culture Langdon Hall has created.

Jodi first trained to become a hairstylist right after high school. It was her creative side that led her to work in a salon for seven years alongside the owner who taught her all aspects of running a business. After a while Jodi realized that it was the business side that was most appealing to her at this point in her life and would soon lead her back to school.

“I ended up at Conestoga College in business and accounting courses – you know, all that fun stuff,” jokes Jodi.

She was first introduced to Langdon Hall in 1994 as a wedding gift from some very dear friends.
Only one year later a part-time position opened up in the finance department and Jodi joined the team. “I didn’t jump into a full-time role right away,” explains Jodi. “I was truly grateful for the part-time opportunity. The role grew over the next 4 years and I learned a lot but I decided to leave the position when Tony and I welcomed our first born Isaac.”

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A few years passed and Jodi was enjoying being a mother, but Langdon Hall had not forgotten her. “I remember getting a call from the owner Mr. Bennett asking if I would return to cover a maternity leave,” explains Jodi. “I was touched by his request and was very excited to return.”

After covering three maternity leaves in the finance department over the course of a few years and welcoming their second child Isabelle, Jodi accepted a permanent position in payroll and hasn’t looked back.

After all these years in this position Jodi hasn’t ventured far, because for her there has been no reason to. “I have always found happiness in my job,” says Jodi. “I have an amazing mentor and appreciate the flexible and strong working environment, the sincerity of the owners and the genuine hospitality – how many people can say that about their job? I’m truly blessed.”

In return, Langdon Hall is fortunate to have Jodi as part of the team with her caring demeanor, graceful approach, and shared values. All of which she has passed on to her son Isaac, who was asked to join the team four years ago for a newly created position. Holding the same qualities as his mom, Isaac was a welcomed addition to the Langdon Hall family.

Jodi’s behind-the-scenes work definitely does not go unnoticed and as Langdon Hall continues to grow it is employees like Jodi that will always keep it grounded and committed to its values.

“Langdon Hall is the picture perfect place, with picture perfect people that have a realness that seems to be hard to find in today’s world.”