Greg Uss

Meet Staff Member Greg Uss

Greg’s parents met in Belgium but both made their way to Ontario where they settled and raised their family.

“I was surrounded by classical literature, music and art while growing up,” says Greg. “My sister and I were constantly stimulated in an environment that encouraged expression of one’s self, and we cherished this but were also told that we should be somebody.”

Once in high school, Greg began teaching music to adults and knew he had the ability to give back and share his talents, but he was still unsure how he was going to fulfil his parents’ expectation of making his life important.

“By my early 20’s I discovered I had a knack for retail and created my own store,” explains Greg. “My store was called Sweets & Treats and I offered coffee and gourmet foods. By the second year it was not doing well but after some needed advice from a dear friend I gave it everything I had and to my surprise the store’s success sky rocketed!”

After selling his store and returning to school, Greg worked part-time at a restaurant as well as in customer service at a bank. These roles reinforced his discovery of being a people person and his skillful ability of being the calming factor in any situation. He excelled in these roles but after 15 years at the restaurant he knew he wanted something more and always had his parents’ encouraging voice in the back of his head saying, “you can be somebody.”

In 2001 a past colleague invited Greg to Langdon Hall and offered him a role in the restaurant where he would be a coach, leader, and positive influence to staff as well as offer his grace and charm to each memorable moment experienced by guests. Greg saw a special opportunity and decided to take it.

“Langdon Hall’s beauty is the warmth of the staff, the sensory experience of the crackling fire and soft music, and the high standards it has worked so hard to attain,” explains Greg. “As staff, we have the responsibility to protect and respect those standards and cherish the opportunity we have to become a part of our guests’ experience.”

Over the last 16 years Greg has created a sense of place at Langdon Hall where he has touched so many lives, both of staff and guests. Whether it was providing staff with a positive outlook before beginning a stressful shift, humbling being called Sir by Robin Williams, or going the extra mile for guests, Greg has undeniably become a memorable person at Langdon Hall who has made a notable difference for many.

“I can teach new staff anything, but I can’t teach them how to care. That, they bring here themselves,” says Greg.