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Meet Staff Member Emily Ronzio

Supporting wedding couples through their planning journey to seeing them down the aisle requires a compassionate and confident planner. As Langdon Hall’s new Wedding and Social Event Manager, Emily Ronzio pairs her knowledge of the property and passion for event planning to her exciting new role.

Raised and surrounded by a large family, Emily recalls many family events being hosted at her home and a sense of hospitality always being part of her life growing up.

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“I have always enjoyed helping my mom and family host events,” smiles Emily. “I think I can honestly say that I take after my mom as being a people pleaser.”

Through high school, Emily never thought about pursuing a career in hospitality. However, when the time came to apply to university the Hotel and Food Administration program at the University of Guelph piqued her interest. It was a five year program with one year devoted to a co-op placement.

“My co-op placements really opened my eyes to the industry. I became a server at the Toronto Golf Club and then moved to Alberta to join the team at the Kananaskis Hotel,” explains Emily.

In Alberta, she discovered her enjoyment of the hotel environment, so after returning home she set out to find a summer job before completing her final year at university. Although, a seed was growing in the back of her mind that would slowly bloom over time and persuade her to explore event planning.

“I remember searching for a summer job and discovering a hidden gem tucked away in my own backyard,” recalls Emily. “I didn’t even know about Langdon Hall – or so I thought – but it turns out I attended my uncle’s wedding in the Orchard Room when I was young.”

Langdon Hall was hiring front desk representatives and Emily was a perfect fit. She joined the team in the summer of 2012 and fit in seamlessly. What she thought would only be a summer job evolved into a growing career.

“I loved working and interacting with the guests,” explains Emily. “I built a rapport with many of them and two years later was promoted to Front Desk Supervisor.”

Her confidence in her role was flourishing but that seed had continued to grow in the back of her mind and she was finally ready to start exploring the world of events. It began with small steps of shadowing the event coordinators during wedding days, but again this path was put on hold after she accepted her next promotion as Front Desk Assistant Manager.

“With becoming an assistant manager, I devoted all my efforts to this new role,” explains Emily. “I put event planning to the back of my mind again.”

Emily excelled for another few years as the welcoming face when guests arrived at the hotel. She was confident and comfortable in her role but also knew she had reached her peak as an assistant manager. So in 2017, she decided to take a small leave and explore the world.

“Traveling had always been part of family life while growing up,” recalls Emily. “So when the opportunity came to explore Hong Kong, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, New Zealand and Australia I couldn’t resist.”

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After four months of travelling, Emily was eager to get back home to see family and friends. Her position at Langdon Hall remained open and she was welcomed back with open arms. Returning to her role at the front desk, Emily felt ready for a new challenge. When the position of Social and Wedding Sales Coordinator became available in 2018, she thought it was finally time to pursue her growing passion in the field of events.

“To be honest it was a tough transition,” explains Emily. “I went from having full confidence in my role at the front desk to needing to learn the basics again. I missed the guest interactions and the hustle and bustle of the hotel lobby.”

Emily kept with it and worked hard to learn her new role and she regained her confidence. She especially enjoyed hosting site tours for newly engaged couples and filling in as an assistant to the Wedding Coordinator on wedding days.

Recently, Emily was offered to take the next step and move into the role of Wedding and Social Event Manager. Her knowledge of the property, personable approach with guests, and eagerness to pursue event planning made her the perfect candidate.

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“I am very excited about this new opportunity,” smiles Emily. “I feel that all my experience has prepared me to finally pursue my passion.”

Fully ready for the 2020 wedding season, Emily is brimming with excitement to work with all the couples she toured around the property and can now continue the journey with them as they plan all their details for their special day.

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