Brittney standing outside in the garden area

Meet Staff Member Brittney Randell

As the saying goes, “the world is your oyster” and for Brittney Randell, she can’t wait to explore the opportunities that await her in life. As part of the Maintenance team, Brittney is expanding her skills and can’t wait to discover new potentials.

Brittney was born in the small town of Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, located in the central region of the island. Although she is the only child, her father came from a large family on the northern seashore where fishing was abundant and living off the land was embraced.

Her family moved to Ontario when she was only four years old but they would visit Newfoundland often and the love of the land has always remained with Brittney.

“I think a part of Newfoundland has always stayed with me,” explains Brittney. “I love nature and the great outdoors, and I have fond memories of our visits home where the world seemed to slow down on the island and everything we needed seemed to come from the land.”

After high school, Brittney wasn’t sure which direction to take so instead of pursuing school further and incurring school debt, she worked on saving her money. While she was working with a cleaning company a job posting caught her attention for a Housekeeper position at Langdon Hall.

“I have lived in Cambridge most of my life and I had never heard of Langdon Hall,” says Brittney. “I’ll never forget driving up the driveway for the first time and thinking it looked like a castle. I had no idea this beautiful gem was in my backyard.”

Brittney joined the Housekeeping team in 2014 and fell in love with the property right away. She fit right in with the team and was able to enjoy her passion for nature every day at work. She stayed with the team for two years but as a young adult, she began craving a new experience.

Brittney sanding and refinishing a piece of wood

In 2018 Brittney applied for a position on the Maintenance team, which had seen a growth in team members since the completion of the Firshade expansion in 2016. It was a seamless transition for Brittney and although there were new skills to learn, her new position was even more connected to the property and nature.

“I have learned so much since joining the Maintenance team,” smiles Brittney. “From continuously painting, fixing equipment, weekly inspections of guest rooms, and even plumbing, I can’t believe what I’m able to do now!”

However, Brittney’s favourite skill to learn is woodworking and is even considering applying for a course at Conestoga College to develop her knowledge. Aside from expanding her skill set, Brittney is also enjoying working closely with the Grounds team and learning more about all the plants and trees around the property.

“I don’t think I fully understood how incredible our vegetable garden is here at Langdon Hall,” says Brittney. “But this past summer I was able to work closely with the Grounds team and learn about all the different varieties of vegetables we plant. I’m really looking forward to helping them plant the garden next season.”

Brittney working on fixing an antique chair

With so many opportunities ahead of her, Brittney is enjoying living in the moment and learning new skills. She has even ventured into her own online business with Modern Nature and their naturally based beauty products. She’s not sure what the future holds but she is grateful for the opportunities Langdon Hall has provided.

“There is so much to see and do in this world and I would love the chance to explore it,” says Brittney. “I know I don’t have a concrete plan for my future but I think there is so much beauty in the unknown and so much potential that I have yet to discover.”

Brittney in a hammock chair outside