Meet Staff Member Amy Moore

Carpentry, metal working, and watchkeeping are only a few of the early jobs Amy Moore held before joining the team at Langdon Hall in 2010. As Assistant Property Manager, Amy helps oversee the maintenance of the entire property, and although she works behind the scenes, she has a tremendous impact on ensuring the perfect guest experience.

I will always be extremely grateful to be able to work with and be supported by such a great team.

Along with her two sisters and two brothers, Amy was born and raised in Cambridge where she grew up always helping in her father’s shop. As an inventor, her father was always creating something new so his shop was an exciting place to learn and explore.

“As kids, we were always involved in my dad’s work and really became a hands-on family,” explains Amy. “Between both my parents we learnt metal working, problem solving, home renovations, needle work and so much more. Our family mantra became: there’s always a better way,” she laughs.

Amy’s sisters are now a carpenter and teacher, one brother is an aircraft mechanic, and the other runs their father’s business. Her mom also devoted 30 years of her time to embracing the compassionate role of foster parent to infants.
“My mom cared for newborns who were waiting to be adopted and had a natural calling to foster,” explains Amy, who always loved having a baby around. “I remember the first thing we loved to teach them was how to stick out their tongue. Each one became part of our family and my mom gave her heart to every one of them.”
Over the 30 years, Amy’s parents cared for over 100 children. An extraordinary and selfless accomplishment. This compassion flowed through Amy and her siblings as well, and when Amy was 19 she traveled to Holland where she joined the Mercy Ships crew and became their carpenter.

Mercy Ships is a volunteer-run, global charity operating a fleet of hospital ships in developing nations. Amy joined the Anastasis, which was a 159-meter vessel converted into a mobile hospital where an average of 350 crew from more than 30 nations lived and worked.
“Being a deckhand on the Anastasis and then the Africa Mercy was an amazing experience,” says Amy. “Similar to my role at Langdon, I worked for the staff and ensured they had what they needed to fulfil their job. It also opened the door to a world of traveling.”
Over the years Amy continued to volunteer with Mercy Ships and traveled to South Africa, England, Liberia and Togo, as well as trips to Sweden, Portugal, Spain and the Canary Islands. Between trips she would return home and work for her father’s business. Through her numerous travels she made life-long friends, experienced breath-taking sceneries, and helped bring hope and healing to those who have limited access to healthcare.