Alison Krokoszynski

Meet Staff Member Alison Krokoszynski

From the moment the venue is chosen to the newly-wed couple’s last dance, wedding coordinators at Langdon Hall share in the love and joy of each special day. Alison Krokoszynski joined the events team over two years ago and has always been drawn towards the excitements of life, and what could be more exciting than planning weddings.

From working in sales for a New York publication to managing events in San Diego, Alison lets her heart lead the way to new adventures and her enjoyment of meeting new people. Alison grew up in Elmira, Ontario but after university she began traveling. Her first introduction to the restaurant industry and event planning began with her move to San Diego.

“After the publication I was working for in New York sold, I followed a friend to Palm Springs and continued working in sales,” explains Alison. “The job wasn’t what I expected so I moved to San Diego where I met an amazing young couple and became the bar manager at their sushi restaurant.”

Alison was inspired by this young couple and became fully committed to their restaurant. She began organizing event nights that featured specific DJs and business skyrocketed. They became one of the most popular sushi restaurants in San Diego. The art of event planning was developing in Alison and this was only the beginning.

She began helping another friend with his catering company by becoming an event coordinator. “Florals, rentals, venues…I was organizing it all,” says Alison. “We were hired for weddings, fundraisers, and celebrations, and every experience was different and full of excitement.” San Diego proved to be a career changer for Alison, but life would soon tempt her with a new adventure.

After five years in San Diego, romance convinced her to leave when her boyfriend’s parents needed their support. With his mother in Texas and father in Chicago, Alison followed her boyfriend between the two cities and pursued a new interest as a certified personal trainer.

“After a while we moved to Las Vegas where my boyfriend joined a band and I traveled with them across the country as their merchandise manager,” says Alison. “It was definitely exciting but it also became stressful on our relationship and we decided to go separate ways.”

At Christmas in 2012, Alison moved back home to Kitchener, Ontario to be with her family. It had been a while since she worked in hospitality but felt it would be a good place to meet new friends. She was hired for the opening of a new restaurant and put all her time into their events, until a friend suggested she apply to Langdon Hall.

In the fall of 2015, Alison became the new events coordinator at Langdon Hall, just months before the opening of a brand new event space. “I was so thrilled to join the team and there was a sense of excitement with this new space,” says Alison. The owners’ caring nature also reminded her of the young couple from the sushi restaurant in San Diego.

“I love the challenge of large events and it’s so meaningful to see special occasions and milestones come to fruition,” says Alison. “I have developed close relationships with some amazing couples who I’ve helped make their wedding vision a reality. It’s exciting to see it all come together!”

In addition to weddings, Alison coordinates corporate meetings, family celebrations, and especially loves surprise parties. Cycling has also become a passion for her and she has mastered that sought-after work/life balance.

“This month I’m traveling to Spain to cycle through the countryside and train for a triathlon,” says Alison. “It’s all about the journey and I’m definitely in my happy place.”