Vlasta Kelemen


Vlasta Kelemen grew up in Zagreb, Croatia in a nurturing environment created by her truly renaissance mother. She was one of 12 children and her love of colour and light in her work evolved from her Croatian roots and soul. Beauty, colour, and love amidst the ruins and hardships of World War II surrounded her.

Vlasta became a public health nurse by profession since making a living as an artist was not an option in war-torn Europe. In 1968, she immigrated to Guelph Ontario with her husband and two small children and began a career as a chemical technologist working for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture.

Before long, Vlasta found she could not suppress the urge to capture the intense rhythm of the environment around her and thus began to paint. From a simple beginning of self-exploration and education, she moved on to study with well-known Canadian artists, Jon Bennett, Linda Kemp and her mentor, Lila Lewis Irving.

Vlasta’s love of fine art compelled her to experiment with plenty of passion! Her work is brilliant, bold, powerful, passionate, fluid, free and intuitive. She is an artist with a god–given talent to express herself through colour, line, texture and proportion. Vlasta knows all the rules and, of course, when and how to break them.

More recently Vlasta has taken on the role of mentor, teacher, educator and art critic in Southern Ontario. Her work is held in many public and private collections across Canada, California, Australia, Germany, Hungary and Croatia.

Vlasta’s current exhibition at Langdon Hall invites you to have your own personal dialogue through her interpretation of colour and movement.  Enjoy!