Toni Mustra


Photography has always been, and it will remain, Toni’s first creative love. In his 20-year career as a digital artist, designer and art director, he often used the camera viewfinder as both a tool and as a refuge; a gate to a quiet inner space.

Born in Croatia, Toni’s keen interest in photography started promptly upon receiving his first camera at the age of 16. Countless nights spent in an improvised home darkroom introduced him to the basics of film and paper chemistry, and the effort required to produce a satisfying representation of his initial image capture. Those traditional techniques shaped his approach after he switched to digital photography.  To this day Toni finds his early experiences indispensable to his work.

Toni’s current visual direction has moved to the exploration of graphically strong landscapes and abstracts such as those found in his ‘Blues’ series presently on exhibition at the Gallery at Langdon Hall.   The unpredictable nature of liquid compounds produce an image whose beauty is chaotic yet possessing of some greater pattern beyond human control.   The observer can’t help but be enticed by the richness of colour, depth of shadow, and sense of movement, as if gravity itself is being questioned. To acquire one of Toni’s pieces or for any additional information about the artist please contact Jennifer Houghton at