Jason S. Logan & The Toronto Ink Company

Assorted Ink Tests

Founded in 2014 by creative director and strategic graphic designer Jason S. Logan, The Toronto Ink Company is a collaborative citizen-science experiment to harvest colour from built, wild, and hybrid landscapes. The Toronto Ink Company works on all scales from bottled pigments and ink tests to collaborative projects with poets, artists, designers, filmmakers, and architects. The company has been profiled in Maclean’s, Martha Stewart, Azure, and The Toronto Star.

The inks have been tested by artists, illustrators, and experimenters around the world and exhibited at The University of Toronto and other galleries throughout the city. Each ink test has been stabilized with a casein fixative, creating living archives which may crystallize, oxidize, or change colour over time.

In addition to The Toronto Ink Company, Jason is founding Art Director of The Walrus, current Creative Director at Metro Canada’s 7 daily newspapers, and is a regular contributor to the New York Times. Jason’s campaign ‘Toronto Needs a Creative Director’ was chosen by CSI as the 2015/16 Agent of Change. His book MAKE INK will be published by Abrams New York in Spring 2018.

Jason will be joining Langdon Hall in offering an ink-making workshop in which guests will forage the hotel grounds in search of bounty with which to produce ink. Participants will learn which local plants, flora, and organic matter are best suited for this purpose and then will be taught the precise and ancient art of harvesting colour from raw material.