Carolyn Riddell


Carolyn Riddell was born in Kitchener in 1961. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Guelph specializing in printmaking, painting and art history. Her work is represented in public, private and corporate collections in North America, Europe and Asia. She maintains her studio practice and framing facilities in Guelph, Ontario. Carolyn’s current research, studio production and exhibition opportunities have been in central and northern India.

Carolyn’s current exhibition ‘Auric’ stems from a desire to engage with the visceral world of materials while accessing various processes, including printmaking and drawing, to discern and distill memory of place, structure and environment. Wood blocks and copper plate are her printmaking springboards.

Sky maps, constellations, cotton and silk thread, handmade lace, carpet, weaving and tatting patterns are incorporated and become suspensions for other media such as ink, watercolour, gouache, chalks, varnish, beeswax and metallic pulver. The ‘Auric’ series, done on Somerset satin rag paper, envelopes a body of work from 2001, which has since been reworked and transformed after several trips to Turkey and India. They are homages to pattern, colour, rhythm, and movement through space and time as well as relationship of body and mind to its surroundings, on scales ranging from the vernacular through to the cosmic. The word ‘auric’ in this case is used metaphorically by the artist to represent the aura supposedly surrounding a living creature.