woman getting deep-hydration facial

Combat Winter Skin with a Deep-Hydration Facial

Winter is in full swing at Langdon Hall! Although we are thrilled to have the beautiful white snow blanket our grounds and inspire us to explore our trails with snowshoes, the harsh cold weather and blasting heat can cause challenges for our skin!

Some of us may be inclined to shy away from hydration – we want a gorgeous dewy glow, not oily skin! Others may be battling dehydrated skin that only exacerbates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So how can you achieve that balance your skin is craving? Luckily, Langdon Hall offers facials that are carefully designed to combat just that.

At the Langdon Hall Spa, our team of beauty experts have the knowledge, technique, and a reliable line of luxury products to help restore your skins’ natural, healthy balance. Don’t hesitate to hydrate this winter… try our Ritual Hydration ‘Source of the Bisses’ facial treatment, a moisturizing bath for the skin that smooths the wrinkles that result from dehydration.


woman getting deep-hydration facial

With our Source of the Bisses facial, fine lines of dehydration are smoothed down and the face regains suppleness, comfort and glow thanks to a hydration bath, hydrating massage and an application of the Valmont collagen facial mask (included in 85 min) which quenches the thirstiest skin.

This facial promotes blood circulation (which helps give you that summer glow), keeps oils away, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and battles breakouts and skin imperfections.


Our facials ease you into a calm state of relaxation that soothes and settles your mind as Valmont’s all natural products work their magic into your skin. We take a gentle, non-invasive approach to all of our facials, ensuring a peaceful experience with zero pain.

As the facial begins, you’ll recognize the subtle, yet exciting tingle of the face scrub, as your skin accepts more hydration with pleasure. Our estheticians perform Valmont’s signature Butterfly movement – an original technique that follows the direction of the muscle fibers, reactivating your skin’s micro circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage. The feeling can be described as a harmonious blend of song and dance on your face.

The collagen mask provides a cooling experience that serves as a perfect contrast to the warm temperatures your skin has been enduring. While the collagen mask works to add structure, elasticity and plumpness to your skin, the circular motions of a head massage will spiral you into bliss. This facial is followed by an optional foot massage to enjoy as the collagen finishes its transformative process.

For those seeking a full body hydration experience, pair your facial with one of our deeply moisturizing body wraps, or soak in our whirlpool, a complimentary amenity we offer all spa guests.

Let Source of the Bisses be a source of confidence!

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