Parlour & Conservatory

Immerse Yourself In The Grandeur Of The Main House

Originally the ladies’ parlour for the Wilks family in the early 1900’s, the architectural details feature a grand fireplace mantel and concave ceiling specifically designed to echo a lady’s voice so she could be heard without having to raise her voice above a whisper. A feature that was embraced in the 1990’s when the room was name the Whisper Room.

More recently, this quant space was known as the Red Room and hosted beautifully intimate weddings, private dinner celebrations, and corporate brainstorming sessions. All of which may return one day but 2020 called for change and we are excited to see this space transform back to a tranquil parlour and conservatory where guests can relax with a morning coffee or after dinner sweet, while immersing themselves in the grandeur of the Main House.

This transformation was all made possible with the help of award-winning designer Sarah Richardson. Owner and founder of her own design company for over 20 years, television host, and bestselling author, Sarah has had a long relationship with Langdon Hall and was a natural fit when it came to reinventing the space.

Guests can join us on the journey with Sarah as she effortlessly shares her enthusiasm for Langdon Hall through her YouTube videos chronicling the redesign.


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