5 Reasons to Host a Luncheon Garden Wedding

Dreaming of a scenic garden wedding full of natural beauty, breathtaking greenery and elegant sensibility? Imagine being surrounded by our country estate’s timeless setting of lush lawns scattered with vibrant florals and whimsical garden views.  A garden wedding at Langdon Hall offers a charming, fairytale-like scene that will inspire your guests and ensure every moment is a picturesque moment. If this doesn’t entice you enough, we’re sharing our top 5 reasons to host a Luncheon Garden Wedding at Langdon Hall, and why it’s the perfect choice!

1. The flowers are already here

Nestled among the Carolinian forest, the historical gardens date back to the early 20th century and have been restored and elegantly maintained to provide the perfect backdrop for memorable photos. Purposefully planned to capture the beauty during the entire growing season, you can experience the magnolia tree during the spring, vibrant perennial colours throughout the summer, or the unique tulip tree in the fall. Accompanied by a tranquil lily pond, the grounds offer a medley of styles blooming with bursts of captivating colours. Our luncheon garden brides have loved the worry-free feeling of taking advantage of our naturally gorgeous outdoor setting!

Garden wedding

2. Your ceremony and reception location is centralized

For some wedding guests, changing venue locations between the ceremony and reception can be an inconvenience and the time-break in between is not always enjoyable. With your wedding luncheon, you can begin your ceremony at 11:00am amongst the apple orchard, remain there to enjoy canapes and lawn games before walking only a few feet to your stunning venue for lunch. With floor to ceiling windows, you and your guests won’t miss a moment of the sunlight while enjoying your meal.

Garden wedding

3. Stunning photo opportunities – daylight and sunset

The ideal summer day lives right here at Langdon Hall. The warm breeze, golden sunlight and splash of florals work together to create a natural and effortless appeal, and ensures your wedding photos are everything you’ve ever envisioned. If your reception ends around 4:00pm, you still have plenty of daylight hours left to capture that perfect shot without having to worry about rushing back to your guests. You can also take all the time you need to capture the classic sunset photo without missing out on any of your reception, allowing you to be in the moment, soaking in all of the surrounding beauty.

Garden wedding

4. Don’t let go of your desired date! – A Luncheon might be the answer!

It’s no surprise that our wedding venues tend to book fast! Our wedding sales team do their best to make all of our brides and grooms’ wedding dreams come true. If your desired wedding date and time happens to be booked by another couple, a luncheon celebration might be the answer! In most cases, there is greater availability for lunch ceremonies and receptions, so don’t miss out on securing that special date that you will celebrate for years to come.

Garden wedding

5. Luncheon weddings are very family friendly

With evening weddings, it is common for children and elderly guests to leave before dessert as it can become quite late. By having a lunch reception, all your guests are sure to stay right to the end and enjoy every moment of your special day. You will also avoid that end-of-the-night exhaustion that commonly follows a dinner reception, when you can hardly keep your eyes open! You won’t have such problems after lunch, and you can take your time to indulge in the property’s amenities while enjoying your new status as husband and wife!

little boy signing paper at wedding

Langdon Hall offers four separate wedding venues, all elegantly appointed, with stunning views. Explore all the property has to offer for your special day.